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Preventive Dentistry in Westport

When you come to the Dental Center of Westport, you’ll receive the highest level of care from a doctor and staff who truly invest in providing quality service. While you’ll receive this level of commitment with every dental service provided, we have a particular passion for preventive dentistry. How you treat your smile on a daily basis will make an enormous difference in the quality of your oral health and overall wellbeing.

To help you maintain a healthy smile, we’re more than happy to assist you in establishing a good dental hygiene routine, in addition to providing essential checkups and cleanings. But cleanings and exams are just the beginning of preventive care. Keep reading to learn more about the full range of preventive services we offer.

Dental Cleanings and Exams

Outside of brushing and flossing every day, the best way to keep your smile healthy and beautiful is to visit our Westport dental office at least every six months for routine care. During these routine visits, your hygienist will have the opportunity to clean bacteria and plaque away from your teeth and gums. Additionally, Dr. Masha Kogan will evaluate your entire smile for any signs of disease, decay, malocclusion, and other significant issues.


Are adults the only ones who need to see a dentist twice a year? Of course not! That’s why Dr. Kogan is also happy to treat Westport’s youngest smiles. With routine visits, we can not only keep plaque and bacteria away from your child’s mouth, we can teach him or her about the importance of regular brushing and flossing. Helping young patients establish healthy habits contributes to a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Dental Sealants

Some patients—and especially younger patients—have more trouble with tooth decay than others. That’s why dental sealants are commonly used in offices that stress preventive dentistry. Dental sealants put a thin layer of a protective coating between the chewing surfaces of teeth and the harmful bacteria responsible for decay. As a result, our patients can enjoy years of protection from one of the most common dental health problems, tooth decay.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Some patients unconsciously respond to stress by grinding or clenching their teeth. Not surprisingly, this condition, which is known as bruxism, can have a serious impact on the health of your smile. But with a custom-made nightguard, patients suffering from bruxism can experience relief from grinding or clenching and the symptoms associated with both. Don’t let unconscious grinding wreak havoc on your oral health; talk to Dr. Kogan about the benefits of having a personalized nightguard.

Oral Cancer Screenings

While certain behaviors, like tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, have a strong link to oral cancer, as many as a quarter of cases occur in patients with none of these risk factors. With that in mind, Dr. Kogan encourages her patients to have oral cancer screenings. With routine oral cancer screenings, it is possible to diagnose this serious disease early, when a successful treatment is far more likely. All too often, oral cancer is not diagnosed until it’s already reached an advanced stage.

Emergency Dentistry

Do you have an urgent dental need? Dr. Kogan is here for you. Call our Westport office immediately to alert us to your needs. We always strive to offer same-day care for patients of record. When you contact us, we can also talk to you about managing your emergency until we see you. Even if we are not able to see you that same day, knowing what to do in the meantime can make a tremendous difference.